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2020-04-20 17:27:28

虎牌|国际 We know you, your families, and your businesses are all dealing with the global COVID-19 health crisis. As the world begins to embrace the concept of social distancing, we see brands quickly turning to digital content to bridge the gap and connect with readers. So we want to make it easy for you to get started with a few offers. Offer 1: Get your first two (2) digital issues for free if you add a new title to the BlueToad Platform (no commitment required but certain page and service limitations apply). Offer 2: Experience no payments for 90 days if you sign a new three year digital publishing agreement. Offer 3: Request a free LilyPad Pro upgrade (for all customers) until August 31, 2020. The BlueToad Platform offers you a convenient, affordable, and near instantaneous way to distribute content to readers around the globe. If internal resources are now a problem, we also offer numerous hands-free and full-service solutions at a budget-friendly price. With some quick and basic information, you can create a free BlueToad account in a matter of minutes. Once registered, you can easily upload content and add rich media like video, slideshows, and animations to engage your audience. You can then preview your content and share within your organization. Click Try For Free to get started. We also have a standing offer for all customers: Sign a three year BlueToad digital publishing agreement to get one year of free archives, discounted pricing, and free LilyPad Pro for the life of the agreement. To Learn More: Call Us U.S. - 407-992-8744 U.K. - +44 (0) 208 068 5546 Email Us U.S. - hello@BlueToad.com U.K. - hello@BlueToadpublishing.co.uk Visit Us BlueToad U.S. 135 W. Central Blvd. Ste. 1140 Orlando, FL 32801 BlueToad U.K. Kemp House 160 City Road London ECIV 2NX

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