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2020-04-07 14:55:03

虎牌|国际 BlueToad offers publishers a powerful platform for creating beautifully responsive digital editions and microsites. Upload your content for a digital experience that works on all modern phones, desktops, and tablets. Then let us help you enrich it, share it, update it, and track it. We know you, your families, and your businesses are all dealing with the global COVID-19 health crisis. As the world begins to embrace the concept of social distancing, we see brands quickly turning to digital content to bridge the gap and connect with readers. The BlueToad Platform offers you a convenient, affordable, and near instantaneous way to distribute content to readers around the globe. If internal resources are now a problem, we also offer numerous hands-free and full-service solutions at a budget-friendly price. And to make it easier during these uncertain times, you can begin distributing content at no charge for the first 30 days (certain limitations apply). Contact us Today to learn more and see how we can help. Trusted by thousands of content creators for over a decade, BlueToad has the knowledge and tools to support a superior content strategy and help you stand out in the digital forest. BlueToad is also proud to be a part of the 2019 EContent 100 list, which identifies the top 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry. The voting criteria focuses on identifying standout companies that have had a major impact on the digital content industry, while shaping and improving how their clients do business. We believe we made this important list because of our constant innovation and simple, affordable publishing platform. This includes technology like our powerful Instant Audio feature, powered by Amazon's Polly Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) Newscaster Voice. To experience this new realistic listening experience, simply click on this free sample of SUCCESS magazine and click on the audio icon available from any article. Getting Started is Easy With some quick and basic information, you can create a BlueToad account in a matter of minutes. Once registered, you can easily upload content and add rich media like video, slideshows, and animations to engage your audience. One simple push of a button will send your content to the outlets you choose. Get it all for an average of $250 per edition. Call now for a custom quote. Choose Lily - A Mobile Optimized Experience Getting from PDF to mobile optimized content has never been more important or easier. Let BlueToad do the work for you by choosing Lily, an award winning mobile platform. In three business days, we can create an engaging mobile reading experience with easy-to-consume, scrollable content. Sign a three year BlueToad digital publishing agreement to get one year of free archives, discounted pricing, and free LilyPad Pro. To Learn More: Call Us U.S. - 407-992-8744 U.K. - +44 (0) 208 068 5546 Email Us U.S. - hello@BlueToad.com U.K. - hello@BlueToadpublishing.co.uk Visit Us BlueToad U.S. 135 W. Central Blvd. Ste. 1140 Orlando, FL 32801 BlueToad U.K. Kemp House 160 City Road London ECIV 2NX

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